TherapyLog – Things Kids Say

I love working in pediatrics.
The kids I engage in therapy provide a constant stream of entertainment.
 They are hilarious, creative, and have the most unique perspective on this world we share.
Thank God for children.


“You just squeezed the hyper out of me… now I’m so slow!”
– CLARK, 7 years old

“I have the weirdest lunch today. It is comprised of dietary fibers, waffles, and beef jerky.”
– SILAS, 10 years old

“I don’t want to grow up. Grown-ups have sad lives.”
– SHANDA, 8 years old

“I’m going to a new school next year. I hope you don’t forget to remember me.”
– DESTINY, 7 years old

“I love coming here with you…
I love people. That’s why God made me.
Whoever God loves, I love.”
– SHANDA, 8 years old

Student tells me they’re going on a field trip to Paris in May. I ask him how he’s paying for it.
“Eehhh… Likely taking out a micro loan. Investing in some real estate. Buying some stocks… probably in Coke.”
– SILAS, 10 years old

“I think if you go to heaven, but then you cuss, you get sent back down. ‘Cause cussin’s bad.”
-SHANDA, 8 years old

“…you know what else?! Grapejuice is actually blood! And those crackers, wow they are SO GOOD!”
-SHANDA, 8 years old

– UNKNOWN (yelled into classroom and ran away)

What ideas do you have?
“I don’t have any ideas. I don’t have a brain. I need to go to the doctor and ask for one.”
– CLARK, 7 years old

“I spend most of my time in the basement… Because that’s where my x-box is… But I’m I’m the king of the kitchen.”
“So you’re Chef Silas, eh?”
“No, I don’t cook. I just stand there with my nerf gun and take my dad hostage so i can get the marshmallow pies.”
-SILAS, 10 years old

“I’m gonna be a comedian and an inventor. But I’m not gonna drink wine… I took one sip and I was like nu-uh. I’m not drinking old, mashed up grapes.”
– SILAS, 10 years old

Dear (therapy) goal,
I hate you… I want you to be eaten by Kirby.
“Yeah! His stomach is another dimension!”
– HEATHER, 11 years old

“I can say my ABC’s! (sings song) … I’m getting SMART!”
– DEVON, 6 years old

“What’s your favorite animal?”
“…a sheep! No… a GOAT!”
– DEVON, 6 years old

(Writing the #2)
“Oh! That’s a good one! …I mean, two!”
– CHAMIN, 9 years old

(Assisting student in writing name)
“Uh-oh! We need to write that ‘r’ starting at the top and going down! Letters do not start at the bottom, letters start at the top and then go down!”
– JOHN, 6 years old


One Comment Add yours

  1. Diana says:

    My favorites are the one who is writing name and says dont judge me and the mashed old grapes! Kids are great!


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