Growing Growers – Creating in a World of Consumerism

Growing our business.
Growing a backyard garden.
Growing in flexibility and patience.
And most importantly – growing a new person to love!

Even before this year, raising my children to be growers versus only consumers was a constant thought on my mind. Now more than ever, without heading out to restaurants or stores as usual, we’ve been handed an opportunity to use our time to build, to sow, to create. 

Because God is a creator and we’re made in His image, I believe that we are creators by nature. Sometimes it just gets stuffed down or drowned out by the distractions of consumerism. It’s a lot easier to turn on the TV than to build a robot of cardboard boxes. It’s a lot easier to grab take-out than create and cook a meal with your family. It’s a lot easier to order groceries than invest the time and energy to grow your own. 

There’s nothing wrong with consuming of course. We have to also be consumers or there would be no one to benefit from the investment of the creators. Not to mention, our culture doesn’t lend itself to a lot of freedom nor time to create everything we need to sustain ourselves. (I wish.) 

Nevertheless, it remains a healthy thought to consider as we set intentions for each day, “What can I contribute today? What can I create?”

And with that example, our children will not grow up asking, “What does the world have for me?” but “What can I contribute to the world?” ❤️ 





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