The Story Behind ‘The Prayer’

The Story Behind the Prayer – – 
Earlier this year, when Chris and I both realized we were ready and excited to add another person to our family, we began praying (among other things) *face* for the one who would join our family.
One day while scrolling IG, I came across a post that honestly would change my life forever.
The person who wrote it is a woman I’d met on IG who had lost her last baby… someone whose story I’d followed and who I’d chatted with privately of the deep and intimate things of life, like babies and loss. 
As I read this mother’s hopeful prayer for her future child not yet conceived, tears began streaming down my face.
It moved my soul. I wrote it down so that I could revisit it, praying it also for my future baby. I showed Chris, who was also rocked by the power in its words. 
5 short days later, I learned I was pregnant.  
At this time, we were in the early stages of learning about the virus that would continue to rock the world… shut-downs and lock-downs had just begun and there were many unknowns as we didn’t yet know what we were dealing with. Life seemed scary and uncertain. Bringing a baby into the world may have seemed reckless. But I knew it was the perfect time, and this prayer spoke to those areas of my soul that knew it but didn’t have words. 
This baby boy’s name reflects his calling to be born during a time like this, and will forever remind me of this prayer and Gods purpose for his life. 
“To the one who has authority over this future one’s arrival, would you mark my womb with the psalms of David and every song of celebration so to grow a child alongside your appointed festivals + seasons.
Would the one we inherit 
be called assurance,
for to conceive a child in this time 
is to declare the wilderness 
isn’t forever, for from it
a generation will rise
and make their way 
into the promise land.
Father protect me as I speak the prophetic words of the  gospel into the lungs of the one who will call me Mother.”

  (Prayer is not included in its entirety. Also – I wanted to reach out to this momma to let her know how much her prayer had touched me and changed my life, but her account had since been deleted and I haven’t been able to find her. She will forever be a part of this little one’s story!)

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