Intentional Parenting – Dinner Conversations

Sometimes being an intentional parent means asking questions that spark conversations while you’re sitting around the dinner table. Yes, our littles are currently both two and under, but even if they don’t fully understand, they are listening. Furthermore, we are setting healthy habits that we can continue for years to come. Afterall, when is the magical time to start talking with your family? If you’re waiting for a magical time when your kids are “old enough,” it will never come… it starts today!
It doesn’t matter if your question is answered the way you wanted or even expected. But intentional conversation is a beautiful way to create a healthy family culture.
By listening in, our kids, even if they don’t join in, can learn so much about respectful conversation or what’s on mom or dad’s heart.
Chris and I are very careful about what we talk about with our children present. After all, Charley especially has surprised us so much already with what she’s expressed to us that we didn’t even know she had picked up on. Our children are alwayssoaking us up, good and bad. So we are mindful of what we talk about, how we talk about other people, etc.
We are setting habits and building character. NOW.
Tonight, Chris asked a question to spark some conversation and share what was on his heart, and the conversation took an unexpected turn that left both of us speechless and in tears.
Chris: Charley, what’s one of the most important things you can do every day?
Charley: I could run around with that flag… kiss mommy… hug mommy, hug mommy and daddy… and grandma…
*cue mommy melting*
Chris: Babe, what’s one of the most important things you can do each day?
Elizabeth:I would say it would be to talk to God. Although some days I don’t talk to him… some days I even forget about Him.
At that point, Charley exclaimed,
How do you even respond to something so beautiful?
Is there anything more I could want for my child than to experience the Creator of the universe, the One that knit her every cell together, living in her heart?
No! There’s nothing more I could want!
Charley, from the moment she was born, has radiated peace and joy and all things lovely. If you know her, you know this. It’s like the Kingdom of God is already in her.
The girl is special.
And there’s no doubt in my mind that she has experienced God, even at times when she may not be able to communicate it.
Once I was able to pick my jaw up off the table, I expressed to her how grateful I am that she feels God. Because there’s nothing better in all of life. In fact, it IS life to be connected to Him. Once you’ve experienced Him, nothing in the natural life compares or satisfies.
Tonight left me speechless. In tears.
And so very much looking forward to all of the beautiful conversations to come.

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