Introducing our Circus

The journey started long before this day.
Long before we met and fell in love.
But now it continues in a tangible way, with a positive test and a growing belly!

My name is Elle, and this is my husband Chris. 
This is our story of the circus of life, the wonders of pregnancy, the new chapter of parenting, and our beloved daughter Charley.


Chris and I met (on Twitter!) while I was serving overseas as a missionary in Haiti.
After countless long and detailed letters, we had the opportunity to meet in person, which only solidified what we had already discovered through the gift of writing – we were meant for each other.

Upon returning to the States, I entered a very long and dark season of depression as I struggled to readjust to the American culture, begin a new life, and face some ugly skeletons that had been buried in my closet for years, resurfaced by tragic events I’d experienced in Haiti.

With this devoted man by my side, a God-sent counselor, a couple of devoted friends, and most of all the loving-kindness of Jesus, I slowly pushed through the fog, finding more and more light and hope with each day.

People often comment how great Chris and I are together, how perfect our marriage is, etc. What most people – who weren’t witnessing that dark season between us – don’t know is how much we had to sow into each other in order to reap this beautiful harvest. At times, I was suicidal, and Chris was on the verge of giving up on the idea of ‘us.’ But we both trusted in God’s promises and what He had spoken to us – that Chris was to pursue me and stand by my side, no matter what… and that He would make me new.

And He did.

With that season long-gone and a joy-filled and peaceful one in its place, we stepped into an exciting (yet short) season of engagement, followed by the thrill of marriage and being newlyweds.
We knew we wanted a big family, and starting our life together in our 30’s meant we didn’t want to wait!
8 months after our wedding, we discovered that our prayers had been answered, and a whole new season was beginning – the season of pregnancy and parenthood!

Because I believe that part of the joy of an experience is the gift of sharing it with others, I’m so thankful to have a passion for storytelling… for words. Because in these words, I have the opportunity to share with you – as we enter into this journey of parenthood – the ridiculous, the hilarious, the honest, and the encouraging stories of life… this circus of life.

So thankful for you to join in!

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