The Great Christmas Tree Debate

Anyone else notice the Christmas decorations seem to be coming out sooner this year than during previous years??
A week ago we went to pick out our Christmas Tree. That’s right – – almost 2 full weeks BEFORE Thanksgiving! *gasp*

I have NEVER been one to freak out about the timing of when to put up our tree or decorate for Christmas. While our family has traditionally picked out our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, it’s never meant to me that anyone decorating before then is “skipping over” Thanksgiving. Not that the world needs another one, but my opinion is that you can be grateful and celebrate Thanksgiving while also preparing for Christmas. (Why does it always have to be an either/or thing?)

Anyway. As I’ve watched Christmas trees and decor pop up all over social media the last few weeks, I feel like I’ve also heard a similar sentiment.
“We just needed some joy this year.”

(Ahem.)  …BOOM.

If someone putting up their Christmas tree and entering into a holiday mindset and spirit brings them JOY, then why should the timing matter to anyone else?! I hope as we move past this year – whatever that looks like – we remember this holiday season and how certain things, like Christmas trees and twinkle lights, brought us joy in the midst of our struggles. 

Maybe, just maybe, we can finally put to rest the tired “it’s too early for Christmas” debate and instead, adopt a new understanding for this season.

It’s never too early to do something that brings you joy.

Photo: Chelsea Liefer Photography

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