When Life Sends Rain…

When life sends rain… splash in the puddles! 💦

Yesterday was an extremely hard day. So many sad and difficult things kept piling up on my heart and then eventually pushed me over the edge. I felt like I could hardly get out of bed. Zero energy. Zero drive. Zero happiness.

…and that’s saying a lot since I have had the happiest pregnancy. (My husband says I should stay pregnant all the time, I’m so level and happy while pregnant. I’m on to him… 😏) 

Anyway. Circumstances had me really down. So when the rain cleared, I knew, for my and my kids’ sake, I’d have to do something to shift the atmosphere of our home and internal worlds… a walk outside to puddle hunt was the first step to just that!
We came home muddy and soaking wet & all showered together. With my energy level improved, I baked a huge fruit crisp followed by a delicious dinner… all while blasting worship music. 

🎶Great is your faithfulness to me🎵 

Hubs arrived home just in time for dinner, we smooched and forgave each other for pain we’d caused each other earlier, and all seemed right in the world again.

I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression through different seasons of life and have even been at the point of giving up at times. But these kinds of low days always remind me that there’s always more on the other side of the cloud… just hang on… push through… take the next step (or splash through a puddle)… because it’s ALWAYS worth it on the other side. ☀️🌈


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