Charley’s Birth Story – “In an Instant”

Time and time again as each contraction rose, I took a deep breath, pushed my feet into the wall of the shower in front of me, and grasped the bar, leaning my forehead against the cool metal as the pain surged through my insides.
I screamed.
Like the ocean when the water is rough and you’re out too far, the waves hit me over and over again. I was drowning and didn’t have enough of a break from the waves smashing into my face and leaving me breathless to dig my feet in the sand and gain some footing.… Read More Charley’s Birth Story – “In an Instant”


Things I Learned – First Trimester of Pregnancy

Things I learned during the first trimester of pregnancy. That little bump you’re patting at 7 weeks is tomorrow’s trip to the bathroom. On that note… every trip to the bathroom resulting in #2 should be celebrated. …and it may or may not smell worse than anything you’ve ever encountered – dead or alive. Parental… Read More Things I Learned – First Trimester of Pregnancy